Phonography ∞ is a project on the field recordings collected during several years. The phonographies are not compositions but just “shot” of a moment, recorded in different environments (urbans, country side, etc). For this project, I decided not to use a professional equipment but only a ZoomH2N microphone. This allows me to capture every moment in every situation as quickly as possible.
I used most commonly XY set-up that consists of two first-order cardioid microphones angled typically 90° to produce a stereo image. Theoretically, the two microphone capsules need to be at exactly the same point to avoid any phase problems due to the distance between the capsules. As this is not possible, the best approximation to placing two microphones at the same point is to put one microphone on top of the other with the diaphragms vertically aligned. In this way, sound sources in the horizontal plane will be picked up as if the two microphones are placed at the same point.
Moreover, when I do not have the zoom with me, I recorded with my mobile phone but the recordings sometimes are fine.