Borgo Schirò – ChurchScape

As part of the series of practices connected with sound geographies emerged in the milieu of post digital era, exploration of abandoned places is one of the most productive field of research for some sound artists. Though the listening prospective, those artists are able to project a new light on marginal spaces and architectures and to make them into fundamental elements of unexpected and fascinating landscape narrations.

“Borgo Schirò Churchscape” is articulated in a long audio track and presented along with a critic text by the authors, which meditates on the meaning of acoustic exploration of the “Terzo Paesaggio”, based on their experience on the ground and focusing on the details of their meticulous process of continuous refinement of techniques and (trans)disciplinary approaches.

The project Vacuamœnia of Italian sound artists Fabio R. Lattuca sound artists and Pietro Bonanno consist in exploring the sound environment of abandoned places and especially in the Sicilian hinterland, where there are traces of colonial outposts during the fascist era or places evacuated due to calamities. ‘Borgo Shirò Churchscape’ is one track only of a composition based on field recordings made in the summer between 2013 and 2014. The sound material is glass, soil, gravel and stones that have a processing according to different but complementary approaches of Lattuca and Bonanno. The slightest touch of materials handling or birdsongs and rain, generates an eerie silence while rich in nuances. [Guillermo Escudero, LOOP]