Cesure Acustiche is a field recording where the layers of a soundscape tell us the biodiversity of a place.
PACECO is a town in the province of Trapani in the region Sicily in Italy where we can find a mediterranean calm and an extraordinary salt marshes landscape.
P A S H K E T was recorded during the Greek-Othodox Easter in Piana degli Albanesi, a small town near Palermo. Two languages, Greek and Albanian, are used in the liturgical celebrations. The ritual, solemn and full of symbolism, originates from the sacred liturgy written by St. Basil and St. John Chrysostom, Fathers of the Greek Church. 
Orecchie sotto l’acqua – is an imaginary journey from the land till under the water.
Petralia e Borgo Pala – A field recording made in Borgo Pala, a small rural village near Petralia, in the Madonie mountain.
Borgo Pala on Map –
Stazione di Calatafimi – The railway station is in the Palermo – Trapani line that was closed on 2013 due a lnadslide.  Calatafimi is the first station after the Alcamo Diramazione Station. From there, it is still possible take trains to Trapani via Castelvetrano, Marsala and Mazara. Although the station is closed, the traffic lights, the ticket machines are still working.
Amix_ – is a phonography that puts in contrast two aspects of the Sicilian soundscape. The recordings were tooken between the reserve of the Bomes  lake – 37 823 LAT,  13,820 LONG – and the town of Caltavuturo into Madonie county.
Borgo Schirò – ChurchScapeAs part of the series of practices connected with sound geographies emerged in the milieu of post digital era, exploration of abandoned places is one of the most productive field of research for some sound artists.
Zingaro, Ecological Hotspot – L’area dello Zingaro (lat. 38.087251, long. 12.804901) – riserva naturale e come tale sottrazione dal territorio antropizzato – rappresenta uno degli ecosistemi maggiormente integri e ricchi della zona costiera della Sicilia nord-occidentale.
23pg12rl12 – TempoReale CD – During the Tempo Reale Festival 2013, the Centre has proposed to the young Italian electronic musicians to reflect on the relationship between sound and work and to propose, through an open call, an electronic composition that would address this issue.


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