ACL 2016: Top Ten Modern Composition

a closer listen

cisternThis year’s most competitive category overflows with life, even though some of its subject matter is death.  This is a golden era for modern composition, which borrows from its ancestors in classical music but pushes it forward for newer generations.  While listening, one can hear the drama and emotion of great literature and cinema, etched in vinyl grooves and preserved in zeroes and ones.  Violins and cellos are everywhere, tugging at the heartstrings.  In the hands of these composers, even darkness sounds like light.  This year, they provided us with exactly what we needed to hear.

And now A Closer Listen presents the Top Ten Modern Composition Albums of 2016!

Christine Ott ~ Only Silence Remains 
I firmly believe that Only Silence Remains is one of the most hopeful albums of the year, in that post-rock ‘tiny lights vs. infinite darkness forever’ kind of hope that opposes the collectivity…

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