ACL 2016: Top Ten Field Recording & Soundscape

a closer listen

soundscapes-of-summerFew people would guess that the Field Recording and Soundscape section of our site would also be its most timely and political.  And yet, as this year’s selections indicate, the genre is far more than nature recordings. While these continue to have their place, they also hint at much larger stories: climate change, disappearing environments, the usurping of nature by noise.  This year’s selections also touch on pressing societal issues, from the effects of terrorism to street protest to poverty to urban alienation.  These recordings can be downright lovely; they can also terrify.  More than anything, they are relevant, an aural reflection of modern global life.

And now A Closer Listen presents The Top 10 Field Recordings and Soundscapes of 2016!

Andrea Borghi ~ Fuochi Rituali di San Giuseppe (Unfathomless)
The first of three entries from Unfathomless on this year’s list, Fuochi Rituali Di San Giuseppe includes some of the…

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