ACL 2016: Top Ten Experimental

a closer listen

ultimate-care-iiHere’s our fun section; few will be able to predict the contents. Haunted ballrooms, washing machines, stuttered poetry and mythological black dogs all find their place under the experimental umbrella.  Some people may call this “different” or “difficult” music; we call it a series of alternate universes, each accessible by speaker or headphone.  What was once considered avant-garde is now the mainstream, and these albums provide possible paths to the future.  While we can’t imagine them in the Top 40 right now, who knows what the future holds?  All we know is that these artists prefer to throw out the rulebook and blaze their own paths, daring others to follow but not caring if they do.

And now, A Closer Listen presents The Top 20 Experimental Albums of 2016!

AGF ~ Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution (AGF Produktion 021)
Different shape!  Different color!  Different pitch!  Different tone!  Yes, this is what…

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