ACL 2015: Top Ten Field Recording & Soundscape

a closer listen

LawrenceEnglishVientoLetterpressThis year’s top field recording and soundscape albums travel to global extremes, from the frozen Arctic to the heart of the jungle.  They commute to congested cities and retreat to quiet streams.  They fall in love with frogs and olives.  To listen to these recordings is to engage with one’s own environment and to recognize the beauty of others.  Some of these works are soft and subtle; others are crowded and cacophonous.  Taken together, they enhance our experiences of sound and life.  Congratulations to Gruenrekorder, who continues to lead the field and has two albums listed here.

And now, in alphabetical order, A Closer Listen presents the Top Ten Field Recording and Soundscape releases of 2015.

Artificial Memory Trace ~ Klank Avonture Van Mmabolela Wildsplaas (Eter)
Unusual field recordings are conceived in the misty, dark swamps. Artificial Memory Trace records the choked croaking of frogs and the shrill buzzing of insects…

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